Deadline: Before WICKED

by emmyanndesign on September 4, 2011

Labor Day weekend is usually quiet and fun. Unless you’re preparing for four nearly sold out weeks of WICKED, starting the Wednesday after the weekend.

I’ve placed orders for almost 100,000 flyers for as many shows as I could get to before the witches descend on Pittsburgh. We’ll have a lot of district traffic, and a ton of single ticket buyers who might have such a great time at the Benedum Center that they want to know what else they can see. And with hundreds of other programs — from Broadway to concerts, to speaker series, to hands on workshops, to jazz, to family programming — chances are something will interest these patrons. We’re only hurting ourselves if we don’t get this stuff out in the racks and on tables before these patrons start coming out for one of those blockbusters that attracts crowds that are this diverse.

Our district jumbotron is my Tuesday project—I have to get commercials up for at least a handful of the Broadway shows and create a few animations for the one night-ers without any kind of electronic material. I also need to make sure these flyers got distributed as widely and completely as possible.

I wish I could have done even more, but this was a good start.

As for me, I’m really hoping that Adam & Anthony sells out on these efforts. I mean. What’s not to love about that show?

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