Rock Of Ages

by emmyanndesign on May 30, 2011

Party on! ROCK OF AGES was such a blast to work on. I loved the show more than I ever expected to, and was so excited that Constantine would tour with it. (He had been my favorite on Idol.) I knew that ’80s rock would resonate in Pittsburgh, so I married the design that was provided (the orange and purple clouds and stars) with production shots to get the best of both worlds. The main thrust of the tour artwork was the same as what was in New York City–A couple walking up the neck of the guitar toward LA. Adding in a little bit of the ‘wink’ from the show, showing that it doesn’t take itself all that seriously, worked well.

The tour liked the art so much that they started using it nationally after the tour cast had been photographed. As Pittsburgh was early on in the tour, we didn’t have production shots of our cast for our materials. Them’s the breaks with touring Broadway.

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